FixIT Computer Technologies draws its strength from years of experience in handling the ever changing IT scenario with the ability to provide the cutting edge technology at best-value-for-money and on top of it, an excellent service & support infrastructure.


We offer the following Products / Solutions

Access Control Solutions

Access control solutions play a vital role in maintaining security, protecting sensitive information, and ensuring the safety of individuals and assets within various environments. The choice of an access control system depends on factors such as the level of security required, the size and complexity of the facility, regulatory compliance needs, and the specific operational requirements of the organization.

Backup & Recovery Solutions

It is designed to protect and recover important information, files, databases, or entire systems to ensure business continuity and minimize downtime. It is important to choose a backup and recovery solution that aligns with your organization’s specific requirements, considering factors such as data volume, recovery time objectives (RTOs), recovery point objectives (RPOs), budget constraints, and regulatory compliance.

IT Hardware Products

Servers, PC, Laptops, Networking Equipment, Storage Devices, Printers and Scanners, POS, Security Hardware are just a few examples of IT hardware products available in the market. The specific hardware requirements for an organization or individual depend on factors such as computing needs, industry requirements, budget constraints, and future scalability.

Storage Solutions

Storage solutions refer to a variety of technologies and systems designed to store and manage digital data efficiently and securely. These solutions provide the capacity, reliability, and performance required to meet the data storage needs of organizations. Example, DAS, NAS, SAN, Cloud Storage, Object Storage, Tape Storage, Hybrid Storage. It is essential to align the storage solution with the organization’s specific needs to ensure efficient data management and reliable access to critical information.

Surveillance Solutions

A well-designed and properly implemented surveillance system can enhance security, enable timely responses to incidents, and provide valuable insights for decision-making.

Business Continuity Solutions

Implementing business continuity solutions requires a thorough understanding of an organization’s critical processes, resources, and dependencies. It also involves collaboration between various departments. By proactively planning for and addressing potential disruptions, organizations can minimize downtime, protect their reputation, and ensure the continuity of essential business functions.

Business Communication Solutions

Business communication solutions encompass a range of technologies and tools that facilitate effective communication and collaboration within organizations.

IT Security Solutions

IT security solutions are technologies, processes, and practices implemented to protect information systems, networks, and data from unauthorized access, threats, and vulnerabilities. These solutions aim to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of IT resources.

Networking Solutions

It is the technologies and systems that enable communication and data transfer between devices, both within an organization’s internal network and with external networks. These solutions facilitate the efficient and secure exchange of information, resources, and services. Here are some types LAN, WAN, VPN, CDN, SDN, Network Security, Cloud Networking.

Unified Communication Solutions

Unified Communication (UC) solutions integrate various communication tools and channels into a single platform, enabling seamless and efficient communication and collaboration within organizations.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless solutions offer numerous advantages such as mobility, flexibility, scalability, and ease of deployment. Organizations and individuals can leverage wireless technologies to enhance connectivity, improve productivity, and enable innovative applications in various industries.

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